At ThirteenEight we believe every living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and even the toilet should be covered with art you love. From reprints of your favourite paintings to photographs of beautiful sunsets that take you back to a happy place and everything in between.

The beauty of art is that it is subjective. We are under no illusion that ThirteenEight’s work will not be to everyone’s taste but we hope that there might be one or two of you out there that appreciate a great landscape or the vibrant colours of a print all created by a small independent artist.

You are ThirteenEight’s kind of people.

ThirteenEight creates art that the beard-wearing, tattoo-loving designer also loves. Be it Marvel, Harry Potter, Manchester City (Feel free to send abuse, it just means that you found this page) sports in general and everything in between. You can check out all of our designs here.

Behind the camera we love a good sunset picture, who doesn’t. Check out our photography page.

Seen a print you like? Needs a personal touch? Have an idea of something you want but can’t find it anywhere. Check out our custom art work and get in touch today.



Custom Art