Graphic Design & Artist


Graphic Designer

Beard Enthusiast

Based on the south coast of England, a coffee loving, sunset enjoying, tattooed, beard enthusiast named Tom wanted to make cool sh!t.

So that’s what he did.

It’s been a long and windy road over the years. Graduating from Plymouth University, some time in the last decade, moving all around the South of England in the years that followed and now Settled on the Solent.

The name ThirteenEight stems from the lucky number of artist and designer Tom and the favourite number of his Grandad and hero. Whilst unlucky for some, ThirteenEight is keeping the memory of a great man alive.


Adventure is Out There

ThirteenEight is sliced right down the middle. On one side we have ThirteenEight Design and on the other side there is ThirteenEight Studio.

Are you a startup looking to move away from the generic logo made on Word or an established multi-million-dollar business looking for a rebrand?
Do you fall somewhere in between?
At ThirteenEight we specialise in making your brand stand out from the rest.

ThirteenEight Studio is the creative artist bursting to get out from behind the man. Consisting of my love for Photography, art, Marvel, Manchester City and many more beautiful and wonderful things. It all comes together to create cool sh!t.